Creamy Sheese: let's roll in the grass with Garlic & Herb


The Garlic & Herb Creamy Sheese is a joyous Dairy Free alternative to cream cheese.

The award-winning Garlic & Herb made with Coconut oil, has established itself as a Vegan and Kosher firm favourite non-dairy alternative.


Garlic & Herb Creamy Sheese is so versatile: it tastes great on toasted bagels & muffins, or spread thickly on toasted crumpets. But stirred into your favourite sauces or soups, it will definitely make them creamier and thicker. Garlic & Herb is also ideal in mashed potato or melted on fresh new potatoes, asparagus or peas (and just a greedy thought: used instead of margarine globally). It gives your pasta recipes a new lease of life and transforms your vegetable pies too. So what more could we ask for? Except maybe another tub of Garlic & Herb Creamy Sheese!



Vesi, kookosrasv, sojavalgu kontsentraat, sool, piimhape (vaba loomsest piimast), suhkur, paksendaja (karrageen), piirituse äädikas, looduslikud maitseained, ürdisegu (majoraan, basiilik, oregano, tüümian), küüslauk.

Küüslauk & ürdid, taimne määrdejuust, 255g