The Strong Cheddar style Sheese is an intense Dairy-Free alternative to cheese.

Very first Sheese ever made back in 1988, our Vegan and Kosher Strong Cheddar style is a non-dairy alternative, made with Coconut Oil & passion for nearly 3 decades.


It’s with the Strong Cheddar style Sheese that all the adventure began. Since then of course, a few special improvements to the recipe have been made: it cuts more smoothly -even though it's creamier- making it more like the dairy equivalent in terms of texture. The Strong Cheddar style is ideal for ploughman's lunches as well as in salad, grated on top of a pizza or on a jacket potato, but also for making tempting Mac & Sheese!



Vesi, kookosrasv, maisitärklis, modifitseeritud maisitärklis, paksendajad (karrageen, guarkummi), sool, piirituse äädikas, piimhape (vaba loomsest piimast), looduslikud maitseained, pärmiekstrakt, värvaine (karoteenid).

Kange Cheddar'i stiilis, 100% taimne