Mozzarella style grated - what's not to like? :)


Our Mozzarella style Grated Sheese is a Dairy-Free alternative to mild white grated Italian style cheese.

A Vegan and Kosher Grated Mild Mozzarella style non-dairy alternative made with Coconut Oil and other vegetarian based ingredients.

This is the quintessential vegan pizza cheese of choice for many people, who love its mild creamy taste and attractive white colour. In fact, it's been chosen by The Stable eaterie restaurant chain to grace the top of their new vegan pizza range along with a nice glass of locally-sourced cider.


Grated Mozzarella Sheese is fantastic for pasta including lasagne, and for use in pies and quiches. Try it sprinkled on salads to add a different dimension and texture to the greenery. Another nice way to enjoy Mozzarella Sheese is mixed into mash along with a good knob of margerine and/or olive oil, salt and pepper (especially nice served alongside some vegan sausages). For even more inspiration, why not check out our range of recipe pages? Our grated Sheese works well on all the recipes, even if they call for our sliced or block Sheese of course, so don't be shy, sprinkle generously over your favourite dishes, and when preparation time is at a premium, this is a real boon! So enjoy the convenience that our grated vegan cheese provides in your everyday cooking, and we're confident you'll be coming back for more real soon! :)



Vesi, kookosrasv, modifitseeritud kartulitärklis, maisitärklis, sool, modifitseeritud maisitärklis, paksendajad (karrageen, guarkummi), looduslikud maitseained, happesuse regulaatorid (piimhape, naatrium laktaat), värvained (erinevad karoteenid).



Mozzarella stiilis, taimne riivjuust, 2 kg, catering pakis