The Red Cheddar style is a Dairy-Free alternative to cheese, to be chosen without blushing.

The Vegan and Kosher Red Cheddar style is not only a non-dairy alternative made with Coconut Oil, but its attractive red colour will also catch your eye, and its wonderful medium strength sheesy tang will -beyond a doubt- make you stay.


The Red Cheddar style Sheese makes mouth-watering Sheesy Enchiladas (that you can serve with a spicy tomato and mushroom sauce), is perfect for Sheesy sauces, and livens up any pizza once grated on top. And how appealing sounds the idea of mixing it with Mild Cheddar style? Interesting enough to give it a whirl, yeah we agree too. However, you can just decide to treat yourself to Red Cheddar style on toast: cut generous slices of Sheese to lay on the bread of your choice, drizzle a bit of olive oil all over, and season with ground paprika, sea salt & black pepper. Few minutes under a hot grill will be the last thing putting you apart from that scrumptious snack you’ve been thinking of all morning long. Seriously, we still wonder why we ever strive to put the Red Cheddar style in a re-sealable packet.



Vesi, kookosrasv, maisitärklis, modifitseeritud maisitärklis, paksendajad (karrageen, guar kummi), sool, piirituse äädikas, pärmiekstrakt, piimhape (loomse piima vaba), looduslikud maitseained, looduslik värvaine(paprika ekstrakt).

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