The White Cheddar style Sheese is an impassioned Dairy-Free alternative to cheese. The Vegan and Kosher White Cheddar style is a non-dairy alternative made with Coconut oil, also available in Slices


Here's one of our latest newbies, and one we're sure you're going to love! Incredibly soft, just enough creaminess on the tongue, the White Cheddar style Sheese is fabulous with a vegan spaghetti bolognaise (grated and sprinkled over the top with a drizzle of olive oil). So melti-licious, why not experiment yourself and see what other tasty ideas you can come up with? We really look forward to reading them (while sipping a glass of red wine and enjoying a hot White Cheddar style Sheese toastie). :)



Vesi, kookosrasv, modifitseeritud kartulitärklis, sojavalgu kontsentraat, maisitärklis, sool, paksendajad (karrageen, guarkummi), modifitseeritud maisitärklis, pärmi ekstrakt, looduslikud lõhnaained, modifitseeritud maisitärklis,  piimhape (laktoosivaba), naatrium-laktaat (piimavaba), värvaine (karoteenid).

Valge Cheddar'i stiilis, 100% taimne